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10 July 2020 @ 03:21 pm
i'll still be posting links to the new entries whenever i update for the timing being!
see you on the other side!! :D :D
31 July 2012 @ 06:32 pm
can't believe quite how quickly the days go by, and it's currently midnight of our 3rd day here in Turin! i've been good and have found time to edit some more photos, from our 2nd day, so here they are and i hope you'd enjoy looking at them! 
i'm just glad i have the time to sit down and document these days, every morning of waking up in a strange and wonderful land is a deliciously exciting experience i savor with my very being. feeling cobbled pavements beneath my feet, listening to people speaking languages that are incomprehensible to my ears, taking in the sights and sounds of a foreign city. it's an incredibly exhilarating whole new world, and i love it!

we look forward to breakfast every day: simple fare but oh-so-satisfying :)

baguette, scrambled eggs, ham, yogurt and muesli for breakfast every morning at the hotel! 

random flowers. purple and yellow. beautiful combination! 

something we don't do often enough in Singapore: to get around from place to place with our own two feet! it takes 20 minutes of leisurely walking to get to our rehearsal venue from our hotel. it's nice to have the luxury of time, and i think we spend at least one to two hours a day simply walking around and getting from place to place.. my feet are complaining from all the walking, but i actually enjoy it very much!

my comfortable pair of fuzzy zebra sandals that's been making their rounds on the cobbled pavements of Turin. they are from Sœurs! you still get 10% discount off when you quote my name, until the end of August! Sœurs is located at Cathay Cineleisure, #02-12.

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26 June 2012 @ 08:45 am

TGIF, everyone! :D 
here's another beauty related post, i hope you girls enjoy reading these posts, beauty/makeup/skincare is an area i'm really interested in because i want to look good, which i'm sure is the same as with every girl out there! and since i don't have a 天生丽质 beautiful face, i gotta depend a lot on good skincare and makeup to save the day :( thank God for makeup. lolol.

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12 June 2012 @ 09:56 am
hello! :D

sharing some photos from behind the scenes of the photoshoot Evonnz (Ling) and i did for Heroine Make last month... it should be out in CLEO some time next month (i think!) if anyone spots the ad, tell me okay? :D

i've seen Heroine Make products in Watsons plenty of times, and heard so many raves about their mascaras and eyeliners, but i've never tried them, mainly because the packaging is all in Japanese and i don't dare to buy products that i don't understand :X i just don't trust things i don't know how to read! :X the shoot was for a magazine feature to showcase Heroine Make's mascara, which is one of the top-selling mascaras in Japan!

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07 June 2012 @ 10:58 pm
yay! video of myself doing a cover of an old favorite: Close To You by The Carpenters, during Monday night's gig! best heard with your earphones plugged in. YZ recorded this vid for me (check out the artistically out of focus effect even though it was not done on purpose haha) and i thought it was one of the nicer songs i did during Monday's gig. anyway, good thing the video is out of focus, lol sitting down while singing does a lot of bad things to me, I KEEP ON TAPPING MY FINGERS AND SHAKING MY LEGS IN RHYTHM wtf bad habit!
03 May 2012 @ 10:24 am
SO. the biggest and hottest movie of the year just hit us in theaters on the 1st of May 2012, and no prizes for guessing just which movie i'm talking about.

if you've caught all the individual super hero movies that's been lined up over the past few years, this is gonna be a real treat for you, and i was super super excited because i got to watch a special media screening of Marvel's The Avengers two weeks ago, even before it was officially released just yesterday! *fangirl scream* even before the movie has premiered in the USA! i know, you're jealous of me too! hahaha.

some of you might know that i used to work as a comic colorist at Imaginary Friends Studio a few years ago, and our studio even got the privilege to work on some US titles under Marvel, such as G.I Joe, The Incredible Hulk and Avengers VS New Ultimates! all the artists were huge fans of the Marvel VS Capcom fighting games too, haha! we'd squeeze in a couple of games on our re-constructed arcade machine in the office before lunch, or during work.

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17 April 2012 @ 10:36 pm
can i just say that i'm superly in love with the latest look that Salon Vim has done for me?

everyone knows that i've been trying to grow my hair long forever, so for the past year of visits to Salon Vim, i've had a perm, different hair styles like bangs, side swept fringe, all kinds of colors/highlights done, but i never dared to snip off anything more than three inches!

in fact, i haven't cut my hair short for the past 4 years, and i thought that it was time to go for a change this visit... even wanted to cut a short bob, but i KNOW i will confirm regret it in a few months time when i get tired of the bob and it growing at a snail's pace. so despite how much i wanted a drastic change, i kind of chickened out in the end, HAHA. forget all that shit about no guts no glory, la. i want the glory, but i ain't got no guts!

so i just decided to leave my hair in the trusty hair of Stephanie, my super hairstylist...


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